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Pic by David Helsham (@glistenrr)

For complete information about this event, please download the information booklet (link at right). The information on this page summarises this race information.

Please read this information carefully before proceeding to enter the South Head Roughwater...


  • Attendance at the swim briefing is compulsory for at least one team member. All swimmers and boat captains are encouraged to attend. Team numbers and swim caps will be allocated to each team.
  • The swim briefing will be held at 7pm on Friday, May 14, 2021. Venue and method to be advised.
  • Boat: Each swim team will must have their own motorised boat to carry and accompany their swimmers during the swim. Surf skis and sea kayaks can only be used to guide and assist swimmers; they are not recognised as an escort boat. For the purposes of risk management, only one team/swimmer will be allowed to swim from each boat.
  • All team boat captains wait off Ben Buckler and report to the Marine Rescue boat to report that their team member is on the beach, that all other team members are on board and ready to start.
  • All swimmers must swim the prescribed course and ensure that their name is marked off the official entrants register (kept at the Watsons Bay Hotel) at the conclusion of the swim, even if they do not complete the course.
  • All swimmers must wear their prescribed cap and display the team number on their arm throughout the swim.
  • All swimmers and boat captains are to behave in a fair and sportsmanlike manner without interference or aggression towards any other swimmer or boat in the swim.
  • If in the opinion of the swim director, a swimmer is physically or otherwise incapable of completing the swim or has been in the water for a inordinate period of time, such swimmer may be removed from the water.
  • If in the event of a hazard/shark being present in the vicinity of a swimmer, the boat captain must remove their swimmer from the water and inform other boat captains of its presence.
  • If in the opinion of the swim director, the weather or swimming conditions are dangerous or unsuitable, the swim may be cancelled without notice.
  • Swimmers may use extraneous aids, eg wetsuits, fins, snorkels or devices, but such swimmers will not be eligible for any prize or qualify as an official placegetter, and must notify officials when finishing the event.

southhead1002Swimmer's Declaration

The following declaration, once acknowledged and made by each swimmer, by way of each swimmer signing in the space provided or by entering online and paying the swim entry fee, entitles the Swimmer to participate in the event -

  • I, the undersigned, in participating in the event, waive any claim, right or cause of action which I, or those who are entitled to claim in my name, might otherwise have had, that might have arisen out of any loss of life, injury or damage sustained by my participation in this event.
  • This waiver, release and discharge operates separately in favour of all persons and body corporate involved or otherwise engaged in organising, promoting, staffing or in any other way associated with the event, including their servants, agents, representatives and officers, and will operate inclusive of damage or causation due to an act of negligence by any of them.
  • I hereby declare that I am physically fit, and have undertaken adequate training for this event mindful of the specific route of the course, its direct exposure to the Tasman Sea, and the possible duration of the swim.
  • I hereby agree that in the event of adverse weather conditions, those organising the event have an unquestioned right to modify, cancel and/or postpone this event and the entry fee shall not be refundable. Any swimmers withdrawing from the event or not starting their entry fee shall not be refundable.
  • For the sake of abundant clarity, I, by signing below, without detracting from or limiting in any way, the above four points, acknowledge the meaning and import of each, and thereby take full responsibility for my own safety whilst participating in this event.

Boat Captain's Responsibilities

  • The Boat Captain and crew of all boats are an integral part of the safety and success of each team, and the event. They should please note and acknowledge (together with all Swimmers) the following:
    • The Water Safety Officer has overall control of water safety matters during the event, however the Boat captain retains control and responsibility for his/her boat and those on board, at all times.
    • To ensure the safety of all participants, each Boat captain must comply with any direction given by relevant authorities, including the NSW Water Police and the NSW Maritime Authority, and must comply with the minimum safety/emergency requirements for their boat (eg maximum numbers on board, life jackets, flares, etc).
    • The Boat Captain, in conjunction with the team, is responsible for making sure that contact is made with the first Swimmer between Ben Buckler point and the Bondi Golf Club. During the remainder of the swim, the Skipper, in conjunction with the team, is responsible for retaining contact with the Swimmer in the water at all times.
    • Boat must stop escorting their swimmers once they are within 200 metres area of the finish at Watsons Bay.


Note that, from this year, all teams and swimmers must include a dedicated Observer on their support boat. Details of the observer -- who it is, how to contact them by phone and email -- must be submitted with the Support Team form. The Observer cannot be another swimmer. They must be dedicated to watching the swimmer in the water and helping to ensure their safety and that they abide by the rules of the event, undistracted by other needs such as preparing to swim themselves or toweling down after a swim.

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Enter here

Entry fee is $130 per individual swimmer (2020 entries TBC). That means -

  • Solos $130
  • Duos $260
  • Trios $390
  • Quads $520
  • Quins $680
  • Sextets $840

Note the minimum age for this swim is 15.

To enter... Click here 

Progress Entries

For lists of progress entries received online... Click here

Only one entry needed for each solo or team. For teams, team managers enter, then...

Team Entries

Your team manager must lodge your team members as they submit your team entry.

Online entries close at 5pm, Thursday, May 13, 2021

Support Crew

After entering, you (as a solo swimmer) or your team manager must submit details of your support team… Click here

Event T-shirts

Don't forget to order your souvenir event t-shirt when you enter online. Shirts are $50 each, sizes S through XXL.  You can order shirts for all members of your team, your boat crew and supporters at the one time.

If you wish to order shirts only (perhaps if you've already entered online)... Click here


For further or more specific information, email Dave Conroy... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.... or phone Dave on 0414 278 008

Murray Cox's report from South Head 2014


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